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Welcome to Connect

Product Catalog, Online Ordering, and more for Hearts On Fire and Memoire.

Welcome to CONNECT

Over the last few months, the importance of smart, reliable, and easy to use technology has never been more important. In this new world, where the only constant is change, technology has enabled us to connect and continue to conduct business. This will only continue to increase in importance in the coming months.

At CTFNA, we have been developing a new online platform to help our Hearts On Fire and Memoire retail partners and your teams quickly and easily conduct business so that you can deliver on and exceed your customers’ expectations.  

We welcome you to the CONNECT platform.


What is it?

A powerful tool to make your job easier. 

We know that you need instantly accessible product information at your finger tips. CONNECT features an easy to search, intuitive product catalog and reliable, fast online ordering. Our goal has been to make this tool as easy to use as possible so you can spend more time with your customers.

Why is it important?

Speed and convenience. This platform will not only help you answer time sensitive customer questions, but can also take care of simple tasks like quick pricing, product details and ordering your top sellers online. For our HOF Customers, we have an improved, intuitive Diamond Search feature too. Over the coming months we will roll out additional features such as access to high res product photography and marketing assets, more advanced online ordering options (i.e., replenishment of model stock), integrating in Education content and supporting our Rewards program.


We’ll be hosting Zoom demos this Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm EST and Thursday and Friday at 12pm EST to make sure everyone has access and is comfortable using the platform. Simply register here to grab your spot:

*After registering be sure to save the information provided to your calendars for easy access!

Tuesday July 14th, 6:00 PM EST: